Point Betsie, where my novel takes place.

Point Betsie, where my novel takes place.

Under Point Betsie's Light

I recently finished writing my first novel, Under Point Betsie's Light. It's inspired by an actual shipwreck in northern Michigan in 1880. In my story, a squall slams a schooner aground off Point Betsie Lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper's son, Caleb, rescues the crew except for the only woman on board, whom the captain leaves to die. 

When the captain disappears, Caleb pursues him, in part to find justice, but also to impress a young woman beyond his reach, Addie.

Addie's fate is to return to Philadelphia society to snare a rich husband. When she boards the train she sees the captain board, too. Caleb intercepts her. As the train chugs out of the station, he must choose between apprehending the captain and getting Addie off the train. 

Between finding justice and finding love.